The Plymouth Respiratory Psychology Partnership

The Plymouth Respiratory Psychology Partnership (PRPP) is a partnership between psychologists in respiratory disease and medical doctors interested in psychological factors relevant to respiratory disease.

The Partnership currently consists of a health psychologist, Professor Michael Hyland from the School of Psychology at Plymouth University, Dr Rupert Jones who is GP with a special interest in respiratory disease and research fellow at the Plymouth Medical and Dental School, Joseph Lanario is who a researcher also from the Plymouth Medical and Dental School and Dr Matthew Masoli who is the clinical lead for asthma at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and has established a regional severe/difficult asthma service.

With a focus on patient perspectives, the PRPP has historically used qualitative methodology to gain insight into the experiences of those suffering from respiratory diseases. Results from these studies have lead to the construction of questionnaires such as the Lung Information Needs Questionnaire (LINQ) and the Severe Asthma Questionnaire (SAQ)

Collaboration between the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, Plymouth University School of Psychology and Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHNT).